Machinery industry: demand pull in the second half of the ongoing strategy

Investment points

Machinery industry stable domestic demand and foreign demand down

Machinery industry in 2008 sales revenue has been more than 25 percent growth rate, but the growth rate started to decline significantly. The first quarter of 2009, investment in infrastructure to stimulate the country, the domestic industry revenue growth of 9%, but exports fell by 21.4%, resulting in an overall increase of 4.5%.

The second half to maintain the rapid growth of infrastructure, real estate can look forward to

More new projects of infrastructure, basic to ensure the stable development of the overall situation, if the recovery of real estate investment can be sustained, then the industry will be the development of ultra-expected.

State policy is to expand opportunities

Countries to expand investment in machinery is bound to increase demand for domestic demand in the country to start the process, the machinery industry will inevitably become an important force in one.


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Machinery Industry Government continued to drive demand

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