Located in Modern City-Shanghai,Shanghai Sowe Automation Equipment Co. with 30 years experience is committed to designing, fabricating, supplying, delivering, installing and servicing Conveyors, Conveyor Systems, Material Handling Devices and Specialized Machinery for the manufacturing/logistics/food&drinks... industries. 

Sowe dedicated to providing customers with professional personalized services and has the expertise to advise you in the selection of the proper equipment for your material handling applications and has earned the reputation for using high-quality equipment and delivering products on time to their customers at competitive prices.

Business range: kinds of van loaders, all kinds of conveyors, belt/chain/roller/net telescopic conveyor, flexible telescopic conveyor, vertical conveyor,elevator, logistics system, assembly line,stacking machine,lifting translation machine,rotary and turnover machine etc. 

Our efforts are producing resultings in cost reduction,improved delivery,improved quality,added flexibility and increased product innovation.Sovex becomes a living, growing, diverse company that continues upon the principle by which it was founded,"Do it once, Do it right, Do it now."